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Flinger is an entertaining 2- or 4-player game for all generations. It can be played outdors on asphalt, sandy or grassy surfaces, as well as indors.

The playing set comprises 8 large rubber discs and 2 small discs, with one serving as a spare.

The main objective of the game is to toss the large discs as close as possible to the small disc thus winning a round (the game will take at least 4 rounds to win). Before the game starts, each of the players receives two large discs of same colour. One of the players throws the small rubber disc and each of the players tosses his/her large disc as near to the small disc as possible. The player with the closest disc starts the first round of play by throwing the small disc followed by a large one. After the first player has thrown his/her disc, it's opponent's turn to try and toss his/her large disc closer to the small one. When players have no more discs, the discs that are closer to the small disc than the opponent's discs are counted, with each winning disc scoring 1 point. The player who wins the round starts the new round.

The winner of the game is the player who first scores 13 points. In case the score is 13-12, you can continue the game and apply the rule of winning by a 2-point difference thus making the game even more exciting. Same rules apply for doubles.

Each new game is started by the player who lost the previous game.
The game can be upgraded by throwing discs on a target(we can use usual archery target).

The player with the highest score wins the game. When using the target, Flinger can be played with 4 or 8 discs and any number of players.
Draw Closer & Win
The winner of the round is team 2 as they tossed the large blue disc closest to the small disc. The team wins 1 point since the next closest to the small disc is the red is the red large disc which belongs to team 1.

Team 1/ Red and Gren discs
Team2/ Blue and yellow discs