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Our Story

Long-term experiences in producing rubber products in GITES d.o.o. enabled us to develop a professional product that meets our criteria.


In the old days, Istrian shepherds filled their time with throwing rocks to the chosen target. Later they modelled the rocks and made them more flat and in some places they used half a brick. Eventually “škuljanje", as the game was originally called, transformed into a new form by using modern materials. Our family got introduced with such flingers and we could not imagine any vacation or a picnic without them. Because they were made of plastic, those flingers bounced unpredictably.

In our home workshop we came up with an idea to make our own, improved flingers, which eventually we succeeded in. A plastic toy was turned into a real competitive sports accessory, used by the Slovenia Prstomet (FLINGER) Organization.

This game brought us a lot of precious moments. We hope it will do the same for you.

– FLINGER team


The principal activity of GiTeS d.o.o. Company is the production of technical rubber products for various purposes. Our products can be found in a variety of industries and retail. We operate in the industries of ecological equipment production, furniture industry, engineering installations, electrical appliances industry and more. The products can be made of rubber, silicon, or a combination of rubber and metal and rubber.